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This is the music download page for West is West and the files are in MP3 format. West is West is directed by Andy De Emmony and the music director who composed the songs is Shankar Mahadevan. The producer of this movie is Leslee Udwin. The songs are listed below in the table for you to download freely.

Music: Shankar Mahadevan
Director: Andy De Emmony
Producer: Leslee Udwin
Cast: Linda Bassett, Jimi Mistri, Emil Marwa, Ila Arun, Vijay Raaz, Om Puri, Lesley Nicoll

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Download and listen to West is West songs online for free. All songs are provided in high quality MP3 format and the bitrate is always equal to or great than 320kbps.
Alright, Alright, Alright
O Meri Maina
Arriving in Pakistan
George Ploughs The Field
Over And Over
Piya Tu Ab To Aaja
Checking Out The Girls
Kaala Doriaa
Mere Saiyaan
Time To Build / Rooptop Chase
Basheera's Pain / The Wives Talk
Main Ho Gayee Dildaar Ki
Mellow Yellow
Numaishaan Mohobbatan Di
Sajid With Peer Naseem / Waterfight
The Final Farewell
Aik Alif

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