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This is the music download page for Love Express and the files are in MP3 format. Love Express is directed by Sunny Bhambani and the music director who composed the songs is Jaidev Kumar. The producer of this movie is Subhash Ghai. The songs are listed below in the table for you to download freely.

Music: Jaidev Kumar
Director: Sunny Bhambani
Producer: Subhash Ghai
Cast: Sahil Mehta, Vikas Katyal, Mannat Ravi, Priyum Galav, Om Puri

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Download and listen to Love Express songs online for free. All songs are provided in high quality MP3 format and the bitrate is always equal to or great than 320kbps.
Dance Like A Punjabi
Rocking Shocking Family
Tere Bin Jiya Na Jaye
Rocking Shocking Family (Remix)
Mohe Machli Tum Neer (Traditional Lyrics)
Dance Lika A Punjabi (Karaoke)
Bonus Track From 'Kashmakash'

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